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Goal set your way to good health for life

At this time of year, many of you may be wondering how to stay motivated to keep up your training.  It is currently pouring with rain where I am, so I certainly empathise!  One of the most effective ways to stay on track is to set small achievable goals. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s […]

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Is exercising for 6 minutes once a week the answer?

Many of you have asked me, and been discussing, the recent Catalyst Report on the benefits of high intensity training.  This is a topic that has been regularly discussed in exercise science circles over the last 15 years, and has being made popular recently by commercial exercise trends such as CROSS-FIT, SPIN and HIIT.  The […]

Walking in Autumn

Can getting back to nature help to recharge your brain?

With global warming tricking us into thinking the sunshine would last forever, Autumn has now fully arrived with a shock.  The rain is beating done outside and the elms in my street are dropping their leaves on mass.  This all makes for a slight shift in habits and activities, as we search for wet weather […]


So is it the Chicken or the Egg?

Easter is a special time of year for most of us.  Whether you celebrate for spiritual or recreational reasons, it’s a nice point early in the year (very early this year) to take stock of how we are tracking with our goals. You see, “checking in” as I call it, is just as important as setting […]

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Short Bursts of Exercise to Improve Health and Fitness

Australian public health advisory recommends spending an average of 150 minutes of aerobic exercises per week. But many people complain of having no time to exercise, so what is the solution? A recent study by Prof. Martin Gibala and his team and fitness expert Anja Taylor showed that doing a short burst of high-intensity exercise can actually […]

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My Trainer helps Alex become a Big Winner through The Biggest Loser!

My Trainer Corporation, personal trainer Gail Miller, from Briar Hill, has been working hard for the past 3 months with The Biggest Loser competitor Alex. Alex entered the Biggest Loser house at a staggering 157kg, and at only 167 cm tall had a long way to go to reach a healthy weight. Alex was the […]

The Age

Make short work of exercise regimens

To make short work of exercise regimens, a personal trainer may fit the bill KAREN Hoggan wanted to feel healthier — lose some weight and get her “pre-marriage figure back”. But she was uncomfortable at the local gym where she felt surrounded by younger, fitter people and could not motivate herself to go regularly. The […]

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How to pick a Personal Trainer

Presenter: Susan Maushart and Paul Williams There’s been a boom in the personal training industry in recent years, but how do you pick the trainer that best suits you? If you feel intimidated by super buff trainers it seems that’s entirely normal, and you shouldn’t pick one of the ‘intimidators’. Summer Nelson is the director […]