Mobile Personal Training

Mobile Personal Trainer

My Trainer mobile personal training is all about you! Health & fitness your way, in the convenience and privacy of your home or local park.

Who are My Trainer mobile personal trainers?

  • One of Melbourne’s most experienced personal training teams, we’ve been helping clients for over 20 years!
  • Australia’s only personal training business of it’s kind. Our team are dedicated permanent members of the My Trainer family, we’re not a franchise, a directory or an agency of casuals.
  • Mums, dads, husbands, wives, brothers & sisters, just like you!  We understand that personal training is part of your balanced lifestyle and one of your many priorities, not the focus of your entire life!
  • Normal people, passionate about helping you be the best you can be!  You won’t find any drill sergeants here, but we will challenge you, respect you and motivate you to achieve your personal best.
  • Meet your local trainer here

What is involved in mobile personal training with My Trainer?

Your first session with your mobile personal trainer is a 45 minute comprehensive health appraisal. We’ll determine your current fitness level, take a range of measurements, find out what you want to achieve and discuss how to get you there. We also take some detailed readings using our sophisticated Bio-Impedance equipment that tells us all the nitty gritty we need to know to help you achieve your goals. The next step is for your personal trainer to go away and design your individual program. This includes your face to face personal training sessions, your “homework” or DIY exercise sessions and your detailed nutrition strategy, including meal plans if required. Then each session you will be warmed up, worked out and stretched according to your goals. Every personal training session is tailored for each and every client, but you might enjoy…

  • Boxing
  • Strength training using weights, bands, body weight
  • Cardio fitness sessions
  • Interval Training / HIIT
  • Posture, core & back strengthening sessions
  • Injury rehabilitation & prevention
  • Jogging & fun run coaching
  • Aqua training
  • Sport specific skill sessions

Where do mobile personal training sessions take place?

As a mobile personal training team, we service most suburbs in Melbourne metro. Our trainers work within 15 minutes of their home base. We currently have trainers based in the following areas throughout Melbourne: Mont Albert, Ferntree Gully, Attwood, Kew, and South Perth (WA).  We bring all our fitness equipment with us, so we’ll be wherever you need us.

We can train you…

  • in your home, or backyard
  • a local park or reserve
  • your workplace
  • the beach,
  • your school,
  • your sporting club,
  • your onsite gym
  • remotely via FaceTime or Skype

Why do we do it?

The entire team of personal trainers and support staff at My Trainer, are absolutely dedicated to helping you achieve your personal best. We love what we do, and are proud to be part of the solution for you!

When can we train?

Whenever you need us. We offer 45 or 60 minute personal training sessions. So whatever fits into your needs and schedule. We also offer, 2 on 1 personal training and 30min back to back training for couples, small group personal training and public group personal training. These are usually for 45 minutes each. Personal Training sessions can be…

  • Early mornings 6.00am – 8.30am
  • Day Times 8.30am – 4.30pm
  • Evenings 4.30pm – 8.30pm
  • Saturdays 7.00am – 4.00pm

Who can we train?

Since 2002 My Trainer has helped over 1700 personal training clients through over 70,000 sessions. Our clients want to lose weight, increase their fitness, tone up, reduce pain and injury and feel good about themselves. Whatever your age, experience or fitness level we’ll deliver the right solution for you. Our clients are…

  • Aged 6 – 90
  • Males & Females
  • Beginners through to advanced
  • Chronically unfit through to athletes

We also have expertise helping special needs clients such as…

  • Disabled and blind, adults and children
  • ASD and ADHD children and teenagers
  • Injured or post surgery adults
  • Pregnant and post natal women
  • Obese and bariatric, adults and children
  • Older adults (70 plus)

Yes we can claim for our services through the NDIS, your private health insurance and in some cases medicare.  Please discuss this with us when you call.

What’s the best way to achieve my goals with My Trainer?

That’s the easy part!

  • Mindset – expect to succeed by deciding to make it happen, and celebrate when you do!
  • Planning – make your appointments with you trainer (and yourself) a priority and stick to them
  • Self Care – keep yourself in balance through a cycle of training, activity, recovery & rest
  • Nourishment – eat & drink what you need (and no more) and avoid what you don’t need

How do I start mobile personal training with My Trainer?

That’s the easy part! Just choose a time for your intial health check session with your local trainer and we will confirm everything for you, you can choose your preferred time and select from our program plans after that.  Alternatively if you have more questions, or just prefer to chat, give us a call on 9836 5599 during business hours.


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