Session Change Policy

Please note the following policy in regards to changing a personal training session.

Last Minute Changes due to Genuine Emergency or Illness

We understand from time to time you may be unwell or have a genuine emergency situation that affects your normal session time.  Please provide your trainer as much notice as possible so they can allow for this.  Trainers cannot attend your home if you have a contagious family member or are sick yourself, some of our clients are immune suppressed and we must not carry infections to them.

For everything else (including work commitments)

  • My Trainer requires a minimum of 12 hours notice to change a personal training session.  This can be done directly with the trainer during business hours the day before.
  • If you cannot provide 12 hours notice to change a session time, that session is forfeited.
  • By providing 12 hours notice, your trainer will provide an alternative time for you to complete that session.  Credit sessions never expire, however may only be used when you are an active paying client.  We do not provide refunds or suspension in arrears for missed sessions.
  • Your personal trainer will extend you the same courtesy and provide you with 12 hours notice to change a session time, otherwise your next session will be provided free of charge.  Please always inform My Trainer head office if your trainer misses your scheduled session so we can amend your account if required.

Alterations due to work, school, holidays or other forseeable commitments

If you have an important appointment that affects your availability to train at your usual time, please communicate these plans at the start of each month at your check in session with your trainer and work out alterative times to train.  These ammendlments should be made in the schedule with notes created by the trainer.

Suspension is available in some instances, and must be completed in writing via this form well in advance.

Please note: suspension is not available for sessions missed in the past, or for any sessions that you already beed billed for.

We understand that extra special circumstances arise from time to time where you may feel you require some flexibility on these policies.  Since 2002 My Trainer has worked with thousands of clients including disabled and special needs adults and children, on-call medical professionals, pregnant and injured clients, clients undergoing chemotherapy and those recovering from or requiring surgery.  We have seen and heard it all.  These policies have been designed with all clients needs in mind and create a stable and professional relationship between you and your trainer.  With good planning and communication, any issue can be overcome, however the policy will always be applied as stated.

If you have any questions regarding this policy please feel free to contact our office on 03 9836 5599 or email us.

Please note this policy is covered by “fair use”. If you are rescheduling your sessions frequently, we will endeavour to find a more suitable time for you, so as to create greater regularity in your routine.