As one of Melbourne’s longest standing and most successful personal training businesses, we pride ouselves on our systems and integrity. As such we have developed a number of policies and procedures which apply to all our clients without exception. ┬áPlease become familiar with these procedures and use the tools below as appropriate to your needs.

Please note, our booking & billing systems are fully automated, and without receiving your request in advance via the forms below, no ammendments can be made.

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Suspension Request

Please use this form to alter your training & payment schedule

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Cancellation Request

Use this form to request permanent cancellation of your training

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Session Change Policy

Full details of the My Trainer session change policy

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60 second survey

We value your feedback, and would be grateful if you would take 60 seconds to complete this survey to share with us your experience.

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Kids Training Guidelines

Our kids fitness program provides structure and support for the entire family. Find out how you can help your child achieve a healthy balance of activity, fitness & weight…

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Terms & Conditions

Full details of the My Trainer terms & conditions