Suspension Request

Please read this page before completing the form below…

We understand that from time to time you may have a commitment at your usual training time.  In this instance, please just let your trainer know at least 12 hours beforehand during business hours and they will offer you an alternative time to train.  This may not be at your usual time, however they will do their best to offer you a solution based on your schedule.  It may be a Saturday morning, lunchtime, Friday evening, public holiday, or a peak time slot that is available in the near future.  If you have planned a trip we suggest you prebook all your rescheduled sessions for the month ahead at your monthly checkin session.

Session Rescheduling Policy / Procedure

  1. You must call your trainer / head office with a minimum of 12 hours notice during business hours, explaining that you cannot complete your regular scheduled session, you will be offered an alternative session time, so please have your diary handy.
  2. If you cannot provide 12 hours notice, your session is FORFEITED and will incur 100% of the fee.
  3. Your regular debit will proceed as normal (or will have already been completed)
  4. Unused session credits may be used as extended (longer) or additional sessions only, not in place of your regular scheduled sessions.
  5. Credits cannot be used while you are on suspension.
  6. If you elect to cancel your ongoing training whilst on suspension the cancellation policy / procedure still applies.
  7. We will never adjust your billing retrospectively so you can use credits in lieu of future sessions.
  8. You will have 1 opportunity to reschdule a session. If you cannot attend the rescheduled appointment, the session if forfeited.

Remote Training Alternative

Many clients who travel, prefer to continue with their training program and receive remote support from their trainer.  Remote PT is exactly the same as a face to face PT, except it is delivered via Skype or phone at your usual training time (if possible).  If you would like to give this a try, please speak to your trainer about whether this suits your needs.

Billing Suspension Policy / Procedure

In certain circumstances, if it is impossible to reschedule your sessions you may request for your training to be paused, and your billing amended.  Please note it is our priority to assist you in sticking to your training plan and achieving your goals, so pauses are only available for the following:

  • Family, travel, work commitments for more than 1 week
  • Extended illness or injury that prevents you from modified training
  • Pregnancy related concerns, if advised by your Doctor
  • Your regular trainer is unavailable to train you and no alternatives are available
  • One off emergency

Please note pause requests WILL NOT be accepted:

  • after you have been billed
  • after the scheduled appointment
  • applied retrospectively
  • through your trainer

Terms & Conditions of suspension

  1. Maximum of 6 weeks deferral available per annum
  2. All requests must be submitted via this online form
    • NB: telling your trainer will not result in any alterations to your billing, only your schedule
  3. We must receive your request by 5pm the FRIDAY prior to the relevant billing cycle
  4. You can defer your training for a minimum period of 1 calendar week (Monday – Sunday)
  5. An administration fee of $5.00 per calendar week is incurred in lieu of your regular membership
  6. This fee may be waived if you cannot train due to injury or illness, when you provide us with your Dr’s Certificate.
  7. If the reason for suspension is that your trainer is unavailable, you will still need to submit a suspension request form if you wish to amend your billing
For clients needing to pause their training due to an injury or medical concern, simply provide a Drs Certificate and there is no charge to suspend.
Feel free to approximate, your trainer will contact you to make arrangements
I understand that if I decide to cancel my agreement with My Trainer while I am on suspension, the cancellation procedure still applies.