Cancellation Request

We are glad to have helped you on your exercise journey and hope you will continue with the lifestyle changes you have successfully made.  If you are ready to move on from weekly face to face training, but might like some support still, you have several options other than cancelling…

  1. You could convert to our maintenance program .  Every month you’ll have a scheduled check in session, and receive an updated DIY program for you to complete in your own time. Your trainer can discuss any changes in your overall health & wellness and provide you accountability and tools to maintain your gains Each month you receive a tailored written homework program for the month. You still remain a current client, so you would still have full access to our online tools and receive your special offers, events and newsletters. This is offered at the cost of $120 per month. 
  2. If you can’t see your trainer face to face anymore, you could convert to our online training program. Its exactly like PT but delivered via Skype and phone conferences. This is a great option if you are having trouble keeping your appointments due to travel or other commitments.
  3. If you are just going through a busy time or lull in motivation, you could defer your training for 3 months. This means that if you choose to start up again in the future you can do so at your current rate and you would not incur the start up again. This is available for $5 per week. 
  4. You could transfer your training to a family member or friend.  Simply find a family member of friend to start with us when you are ready to stop.  We will make all the arrangements and you only pay a $50 transfer fee. (or your friend can pay it if you prefer).

If none of the above options suit you, and you still wish to cancel please go ahead and complete the form below.

To end your training please simply give us as much notice as possible in writing (using this form). The minimum notice period required is 7 days (one more billing cycle). During your notice period you need to complete all the your regular sessions as planned. 

You then have a further 2 weeks to use any credit sessions you have in place.  You last session with your trainer will be a final results check in and your trainer will leave you with a homework plan to go with.

We have a strict no refund policy, however if you are unable to use your sessions at this time, we will honour them when you are ready to get back on track with your training.

Please tick each box to confirm that you have read and understood the process of cancelling your training and billing arrangement with My Trainer.