How to pick a Personal Trainer

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Presenter: Susan Maushart and Paul Williams

There’s been a boom in the personal training industry in recent years, but how do you pick the trainer that best suits you?

If you feel intimidated by super buff trainers it seems that’s entirely normal, and you shouldn’t pick one of the ‘intimidators’.

Summer Nelson is the director of My Trainer Corporation a major personal training company in Melbourne. She sees her role as matching clients to trainers and says of personal trainers “They’re a little bit like counsellors… like your hairdresser.” She says it’s important to just pick a trainer that you feel comfortable with.

Summer feels it’s not just super athletes or the famous who seek a trainer nowadays. “It’s normal people wanting to train with personal trainers… everyday mums and dads, school kids, retirees, and all sorts of people.”

One of the reasons for this broadening is the way that people are using the industry. Increasingly, clients are spending $25-$45 for a half hour session per week. “Getting homework and nutrition suggestions, etc, you can afford it and you can also take responsibility for your week yourself,” says our guest.

And what should you look for to avoid shonky operators? Summer explains that legitimate personal trainers now carry ‘Certificate 4’ accreditation and are registered with Fitness Australia… right down to membership cards. You can check their website (see below).

Compared to the price of hairdressers, a good deal may be in store.

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