My Trainer helps Alex become a Big Winner through The Biggest Loser!

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My Trainer Corporation, personal trainer Gail Miller, from Briar Hill, has been working hard for the past 3 months with The Biggest Loser competitor Alex. Alex entered the Biggest Loser house at a staggering 157kg, and at only 167 cm tall had a long way to go to reach a healthy weight. Alex was the first competitor to leave the house and only had 1 week inside with the expert team. Once on the outside it was up to his own determination and his personal trainer to do the hard work.

Gail trained with Alex 1-2 hours a day, 6 days a week and achieved an amazing result of over 40kg in weight loss. While the other contestants had the contrived environment and strict regime in house to help them, Alex was “making his own meals, going to work, looking after his family and trying to find the time for the gym. Just like the rest of us!” said Gail.

One of the highlights Gail recalls was when Alex completed the Thousand Steps at Mt Dandenong for the first time. “He was running down the hill, smiling like I’ve never seen him. Afterwards he said he’d never felt so free.” Losing such a large amount of weight has had a huge impact on Alex, he’s happier, more confident and has literally added years to his life. Although he’s still got a fair way to go, the hard work of the last few months have really paid off. By maintaining the exercise & healthy eating habits that Gail developed for him, Alex will be hitting his ideal weight in the not too distant future. Another major highlight was completing his first ever triathlon in Port Arlington (March).

“Most clients come to us wanting to lose some weight, often a lot.” Says Summer Nelson, director of My Trainer Corporation. “There is so much diet misinformation out there it’s hard to know where to turn. Many people who would never considered it before are now using professionals such as personal trainers & dietitians to help them. One client recently has lost over 13kg in just under 12 weeks, through our tailored program, some motivation, accountability & a bit of self discipline. She’s thrilled.”

Although these are not the staggering results of The Biggest Loser competitors, a longer term approach is a much healthier & sustainable way to lose weight. “Almost the worst thing you can do is go on a diet!” says Summer. Recent research shows that just restricting calories can actually slow down your metabolism (your bodies rate of burning energy). “It’s a personalised approach that is the key to success. Combining just the right meals with the right type and intensity of exercise for each individual person is what works. Fad diets and mad crash courses are really bad for you. Even some of the more well know ones can have terrible side effects over time.”

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