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Senior Man stretching

MyT Mens Business

MyT Mens Business is a 60+ mens fitness training group. Lets face it, men don't like talking about their health.  So we designed this program for the growing group of men experiencing poor health outcomes and reduced social connections during retirement.  Having a sore back or a frozen shoulder is not only painful, it stops you [...]
Older adults exercise classes

MyT Moves

MyT Moves is a Living Longer Living Stronger™ group exercise program for older adults seeking to increase their fitness & strength.  MyT Moves sessions are appropriate for all levels of fitness for over 50s.

Group Personal Training

Group Personal Training

Forget aerobics in the park, My Trainer Group Personal Training sessions are fun and focussed on you goals.  Tailored to your individual needs with specific outcomes from each session. My Trainer Group Training Sessions are a fun, social and flexible way to achieve your health & fitness goals.  Choose sessions that suit your schedule and [...]
Running Group Canterbury

MyT Mornings | Run Group Training Canterbury

If you’re training for a fun run and want to improve your time, increase your distance or just survive the event, this is the session for you. Over a series of weeks you will learn proper running technique, breathing, pacing and condition your body to complete your preferred distance.  This is also a fantastic cardio […]