My TOP TIPS for surviving the Silly Season

Man Sleeping Christmas
Did you know that most people actually put on 5-10 kg every Christmas that they never lose.  So to avoid that happening to you, you can follow the simple steps laid out below for the 12 days of the Christmas, New Year celebration.
In General
  • Keep up your training, homework & healthy eating routine
  • Plan some extra workouts if you are going to be missing some
  • Catch up on sleep
  • Take the stairs where ever you can
  • Dance Dance Dance
  • Plan to have at least 3 alcohol free nights in any given week
  • Avoid binging by planning your meals
  • Have a few nights with no meat, lots of BBQ = lots of fat!
  • Plan your Christmas shopping – if you’re stressed out you won’t want to exercise.  I’m loving eBay this year!
  • Plan some activities & games with the family, let the kids decide on some party activities
  • Use symbols on your calendar for good & bad choices.  Smiley faces for workouts, stairs, alcohol free, etc, crosses for binging, skipping workouts etc.
  • Have a mental naughty vs nice list!  What would Santa say?!
Pre Christmas Cocktail Parties
Here’s some tips to avoid over indulging on party food …
  1. Eat dinner before you go.  If you turn up starving you’re likely to make poor choices.
  2. If you must eat finger food, look for healthier options like – sushi, fruit, veggie sticks, cheese, seafood.  Avoid anything deep fried or wrapped in pastry!
  3. Drive to the party.  That way you are less likely to drink alcohol, or if you must, it will be a small amount.  Every second drink have water.
  4. Don’t tell anyone what you are doing.  You are less likely to be hassled & talked into bad choices.  Just say “No thank you “.
  5. Plan a workout for the next day and eat a little less to make up for any extra from the previous day.
Christmas Day
  1. Eat breakfast.
  2. Use a smaller plate.
  3. Fill up most of your plate with salad and only a small amount of meat.  Go for lean cuts & avoid gravy.
  4. Wait at least 20 minutes before going back for seconds.  You really don’t need more than you would normally eat, just because it’s there!
  5. Don’t tell anyone what you are doing.  See above.
  6. Skip desert, or choose fruit, frozen yogurt etc.  Remove all chocolates & naughty things from your reach at the table.
  7. If you are going to be drinking alcohol, limit yourself and alternate with glasses of water.  That also helps with the hangover!  Avoid creamy & sugary choices.  Remember a glass of alcohol is like a glass of sugar to your body.
  8. Do some activity between lunch & dinner.  Instead of falling asleep on the couch from gorging within an inch of your life, take yourself for a walk, try out the kids new bikes, play a game of cricket or soccer or go to the beach for a swim.
  9. Have an early night.  If you have kids (or are a kid at heart) you were probably up at dawn, so get a good nights sleep & wake up rested & revived.
  10. Plan a workout for boxing day.  Get up & go for a long slow run or bike ride.  Avoid the stress of the shopping centre, and enjoy your holiday!
New Years Eve
  1. Workout earlier in the day.
  2. Eat dinner before you go.
  3. If drinking alcohol, alternate with water.  You’ll need it for the next one…
  4. Dance, Dance Dance!  You can burn heaps of calories dancing for a few hours!
  5. Avoid standing near the food table.
  6. Plan a workout for the next day and stick to it!
  7. Decide on your New Years health & fitness resolutions.  Remember the brain loves closure.  This is the best time to quit smoking, start a healthy activity, set a target etc.  Share your goal with your trainer & we’ll keep you accountable & help you achieve it!
Overall, Christmas is a time to be happy!  Enjoy the time with your family & friends.  Relax, laugh, smile & dance, dance dance!

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