Brett Muller


Experience:7 Years


Brett Muller

Personal Trainer | Perth


My Trainer is proud to present Brett Muller, your local Mobile Personal Trainer in Carine, Leederville, Morley, Perth, Scarborough, Stirling, Wanneroo, Whitfords

Brett’s career in the fitness industry began when his dad pointed out how big his stomach had gotten, by saying “careful mate, that thing will take over you if you are not careful”. Being a typical guy he wasn’t about to let that happen. The internet led Brett to a fitness course and at that stage he had no idea it would eventuate to a career in fitness.

For the first 12 months he worked as an outdoor trainer. He then moved to the bottom of WA where it was too cold and had to retreat inside a gym and set up a CrossFit centre, focusing on constantly varied functional fitness (no machines). As operations manager there, he designed and implemented functional fitness programs to acheive incredible results.

In 2012 Brett became an Australian Institute of Personal Trainers Campus Director in Albany. Now he runs 2 campuses for the AIPT (Albany and Leederville). Now as part of the My Trainer team, Brett gets to support and nurture our A-list clients in Perth! Brett joined My Trainer in 2013.

Brett is a dedicated and inspiring trainer and brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the My Trainer team.