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Eggplant Lasagna Recipe

15 minute hearty eggplant lasagne

If you’ve ever wondered how to make lasagna low carb, then this recipe is for you!  This yummy alternative switches the pasta for eggplant slices, check out to recipe below. Lasagna is all about layering, and it is this ease of layering that allows us to get creative with the ingredients that we can use […]

Tomato Soup Recipe

Light and Creamy Tomato Soup

Having a warm creamy soup is like having warm hugs especially during this cold month of July. But in the spirit of healthy eating, we’d like to offer a great recipe for the most comforting soup, using ingredients that almost cut down the usual calorie count into half. So let’s go cook light and soup […]

Creamy Chicken recipe

Chicken Breasts in Lite Mushroom Cream Sauce

Running out of ideas on how to enjoy your wholesome chicken breast? Chicken breast is a great choice of low-fat protein, which make it ideal for people who want to prepare meals and dishes that don’t hurt their diet or dietary restrictions. However, making chicken breast savoury often involves ingredients that could either be high […]

Magic Bean flourless chocolate cake Recipe

Magic Bean Flourless Chocolate Cake

My dearest friend Erin shared this as a thermo mix recipe with me.  It has been adapted here for those of us mere mortals with old school applicances. 🙂  My youngest (and fussiest) child loves this cake, and if she will eat it, anyone will!I used it recently as a layer cake at an Alice in Wonderland Birthday Party, and due to the dense & moist texture of the cake it fared really well.

hay fever freedom smoothy recipe

Hay Fever freedom smoothie

This quick & yummy smoothy will help you beat the symptoms of hay fever by boosting your body with allergy fighting vitamins and minerals.

overnight oats recipe

Overnight Vanilla Oats

This is a simple and delicious breakfast that allows you to customise to your liking with whatever you have on hand. 2 minutes prep at night means instant healthy breakfast in the morning!  All you need is a small jar and some creativity.

Sugar Free Chocolate Balls

Sugar Free Chocolate Protein Balls

These yummy chocolatey treats were a hit with 2 out of 3 of my kids!  Not bad on a Monday!  Whip them up in under 5 mins and enjoy a tasty, guilt free snack.